Retractable Pergolas – BAVONA TP6100 & TP6500


The BAVONA system is a MODULAR pergola system. You have the choice between two roof systems. As a bioclimatic roof, the BAVONA TP6500 Hardtop provides perfect protection against the sun and rain thanks to the aluminum slats with variable orientation. The natural air circulation through the slats works as an ecological air conditioning. The BAVONA TP6100 Softtop roof variant with integrated pleated pergola gives a Mediterranean touch to the whole. The weather-resistant polyester fabric (fire protection class B1) also ideally protects against heat, UV rays and rain.

  • Made to measure.
  • High quality STAM 6002 retractable fabric for the BAVONA TP6100.
  • Orientable blades in extruded aluminum for the BAVONA TP6500.
  • Protection against rain with zero inclination of 0 °.
  • Many well-integrated comfort options.

    • BAVONA TP6500.
    • Maximum width 13 '.
    • Maximum extension 19'8 ''.
    • Can be coupled with 2 modules: maximum width 19'8 ''. BAVONA TP6100
    • Maximum width 16'5 ''.

      Le Bavona TP6500.

There are several ways to customize the BAVONA to your environment. The many options such as vertical shading (screen), sliding glazing or LED lighting, as well as the endless possibilities of combinations of canvases and colors make the MELANO pleated pergola an extraordinary electric pergola.

  • Front installation for the version with wall connection or floor fixing for the 4-pole stand-alone version.
  • 0 ° inclination.
  • Corrosion resistant and robust stainless steel structure.
  • Concerning the BAVONA TP6100, traction of the pleated fabric by a system of synthetic notched belts reinforced with kevlar.
  • Regarding the BAVONA TP6100, the fully stretched canvas retains a wavy appearance.
  • Rainwater drainage system directly integrated into aluminum profiles.
  • The BAVONA is a modular system that can be equipped with options later.
  • Series engine.

Option & Operation

  • BAVONA TP6500 Hardtop

    BAVONA TP6500 Hardtop with bioclimatic pergola effect: the weather-resistant aluminum slats allow a natural circulation of the air.

  • BAVONA TP 6100 Softop

    Soft-top version BAVONA TP6100 with pleated pergola. The waterproof pleated pergola distils a Mediterranean charm and ensures an open air atmosphere.

  • Wind Sensor

    For added security, the wind sensor automatically retracts the BAVONA TP6100's fabric during high winds.

  • LED Lighting

    The LED mood lighting gives a warm note after dark and is easily controlled by remote control.

  • Drainage

    Intelligent evacuation of water: when closed, the slats direct the rainwater to the lateral gutters and this is then evacuated via the supports to the ground.

  • Lateral and frontal protection

    The BAVONA can be equipped with side and frontal protection thanks to perfectly integrated vertical SCREENS. Screens with canvas retention system behind the scenes by the technique of the zipper ir, (ZIPPER), and perforated MERMET fabrics allowing transparency.

  • SB4700 aluminum floor

    The modular aluminum floor SB4700 surprising effect of wood slats can create real self-supporting detachable islands.

  • Sliding glazing system

    STOBAG SV1020 fully glazed sliding system offering the possibility to move parallel to each glass wall thanks to a system of recessed floor rails and rollers mounted on silent ball bearings. Tempered safety glass with single glazing of 8 or 10mm.

The aluminum structure of the BAVONA is available with the following standard colors. Note that on request the frame can be painted with other colors.

  • White RAL 9010

  • MITJAVILA offers the full range of TIBELLY, SUNBRELLA, SATTLER and ULTRASOL fabrics.
  • All the selected canvases are quality canvases made taking into account the greatest requirements in terms of discoloration and resistance to UV, but also in terms of resistance to tearing and weathering.
  • Regarding the commercial facilities, we can offer you the canvases that meet the most stringent requirements in the USA and fire standards in Canada.

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