The accordion or retractable shutter is a product that combines design and technology for your comfort by being entirely aluminum and can be "autonomous" in electric version through home automation. These are mainly used to secure or improve the thermal performance of windows or to bring privacy or darkness into rooms. Roller shutters improve the energy efficiency and comfort of the home. The shutters are perfectly designed for windows, showcases and doors of all sizes (windows, showcases, patio doors, garages, sheds, depots, storage shelves, etc.)

  • Made to measure.
  • Available in 5 standard colors.
  • Different aprons (curtains), possible thanks to a wide choice of aluminum blades.
  • Fully closes in the elegant trunk for optimum protection.

    • Minimum width 1'.
    • Maximum width 19'.
    • Minimum height 1'.
    • Maximum height 16'.

There are several ways to customize roller shutters to suit your environment.

  • Possible installations at the front or at the door (see sketch attached)
  • Profiles entirely in thermo-lacquered aluminum, with design and aesthetic profiles, for an exemplary life.
  • Standard automatic locking system, making it impossible to lift the apron (curtain) with your hands.
  • Variable boot size depending on the height of the shutter from 6.5 '' X 6.5 '' to 12 '' X 12 ''.
  • 2.5 "slide width for 44mm blades and 3.25" for 55mm blades.

Option & Operation

  • Removable inner crank and inner strap

    For these two options, there is no need to leave the house to close or open its shutters, everything is done from inside its habitat.

  • Direct draw

    Equipped with a spiral system to facilitate the recovery of the deck, the shutter is manipulated by direct pulling with a handle.

  • Remote remote control

    The most common and practical maneuver. The remote control has the great advantage of being able to control its shutters independently or simultaneously. Thus, in one click, all the shutters of your house can close at the same time.

  • Wall switch

    The classic wired maneuver.

  • Key switch

    The appropriate maneuver for store doors.

  • Order by numeric code

    Possibility of wired or radio frequency control.

  • Card reader

    Maneuver employed, for example, by airports

  • Fire safety system

    Security system to control the opening or closing of shutters when the fire alarm is triggered.

  • Security system "photo eye"

    Infrared security system "PHOTO EYE" to automatically increase the deck when people or vehicles pass when the flap is lowered.

  • Final blade with key lock

    The final blade of the shutter can be removed from a key lock, thus preventing any possibility of lifting the apron with the hands.

  • Self-locking system

    This is the convenient locking solution, no need for a lock or key lock. The automatic locking, nested directly on the winding axis, makes any attempt to raise the bridge in the closed position impossible.

  • Sun sensor

    Discreet and compact, the solar outdoor sensor wireless and without batteries, works with photovoltaic cells. The sensitivity to the sun is regulated in a few moments.

  • Chronis remote control

    The Chronis remote control combines all the advantages of a remote control with those of the programmable clock.

  • Programmable clock

    Whether wired or radio-frequency, the "chronis" programmable clocks allow you to program the opening and closing hours of your roller shutters according to the seasons. Thus, your shutters will close and open automatically according to the hours you have selected. Programmable clocks, simple and reliable, bring even more comfort and security to your home.

Roller shutters are available in the following standard colors. Note that on request, other colors are available.

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