Veranda Awnings


In the MELANO TP7010 variant, the MELANO roof awning can be installed without support between 2 façades, and thus integrates perfectly with the architecture and its environment. Unlike conventional roof awnings, the MELANO does not curl but folds and unfolds.

  • Made to measure.
  • High quality STAM 6002 fabric.
  • The pleated fabric closes under an elegant roof for optimal protection.
  • Protection against rain with zero inclination of 0 °.

    • Minimum width 6'7 ''.
    • Maximum width 16'5 ''.
    • Minimum extension 6'7 ''.
    • Maximum extension 23 '.

      Le Mélano TP7010.

There are several ways to customize the MELANO to your environment.

  • Installation between two facades.
  • 0 ° inclination.
  • Traction of the pleated fabric by a system of synthetic toothed belts reinforced with kevlar.
  • The fully stretched canvas keeps a wavy look.
  • Rainwater drainage system with a system of side gutters.
  • 230V / 50Hz series motorization

Option & Operation

  • Wind Sensor

    For added security, the wind sensor automatically retracts the awning in strong winds.

  • Drainage

    The MELANO can be equipped with a drainage system for the flow of rainwater and evacuated via side gutters.

  • Œillets d'écoulement

    Lorsqu'ils sont utilisés pour la pluie, les œillets sont positionnés à 10 po de la barre de charge afin que l'eau puisse s'écouler en fin d'extension.

The frame of MELANO is available with the following standard colors. Note that on request the frame can be painted with other colors.

  • White RAL 9010

  • Gray RAL 9006

  • Black

  • STOBAG offers the complete range of fabrics of the STAM 6002 collection in flammable polyester on the pleated fabric of MELANO.
  • STAM 6002 canvases are high-quality canvases made with the greatest demands in terms of fading and resistance to UV, but also in terms of resistance to tearing and weathering.
  • Regarding commercial facilities, we can offer you the canvases that meet the most stringent requirements in the USA and fire standards in Canada.

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