The M889 canopy is installed under the glass of a sunroom or other support structure. It is ideal for shading large areas. When not needed, the fabric fully retracts into the protection of a small, sleek cassette to ensure maximum longevity. The M889 is available with Tracfix, which eliminates the gap between the fabric and guide tracks.


  • Custom made to the precise dimensions of your project
  • Stylish and compact tear-drop cassette is only 5” in height
  • Brackets with patented clip-on mechanism for simple, problem-free installation
  • Available in 3 standard cassette colors and 162 custom colors
  • Premium High-Tech Fabrics in hundreds of color selections


  • Maximum width is 19.7’
  • Minimum width is 4.9’
  • Maximum extension is 19.7’
  • Minimum extension is 4.9’
  • With Tracfix, max. extension is 13.1’

The M889, one of the world’s premier under-glass canopies, offers elegant large-scale shade and flexible installation options for any situation.

Product Features

  • Sturdy extruded aluminum cassette is only 5” in height
  • Special vario belts provide optimum cover tension at all widths and extensions
  • 85mm roller tube for highest rigidity and best cover-winding characteristics
  • Fabric cover is guided along strong aluminum guide tracks
  • Virtually invisible stainless steel wires prevent excessive sag in cover
  • Pre-assembled and tested at the factory

Options and Operation


Tracfix system

Tracfix is an enclosed fabric guide system that eliminates the gap between the guide track and fabric for added stability and enhanced appearance.


Wind sensor

Vibrabox wind sensor retracts awning in high wind for maximum safety.


Operating options

Manual operation (standard), hard wired to a switch, (standard for Tracfix) or operation with radio remote control.

The M889 is offered in the following standard colors. In addition, the cassette may be custom colored in 162 Dupont RAL colors (delivery times extended).

  • Traffic White
  • Metallic Aluminum
  • Grey Brown

Markilux offers a complete range of premium, high-tech awning fabrics for the M889 in an unmatched range of colors. Each of our awning fabrics meets the highest standards for UV Protection, Color Fastness and Weather Resistance. For commercial installations, we can provide awning fabrics that meet the strictest US and Canadian fire codes.

Sunsilk Nano-Clean, in 77 colors, is a silky, polyester fabric that is self-cleaning, has superior color brilliance and luminescence, and a low winding circumference for durable beauty. It is quick drying, resistant to dirt and grease, color fast, UV resistant and provides superior sun protection.


Sunvas Nano-Clean, in 134 colors, is a breakthrough technology from Markilux. It offers all of the performance benefits of Sunsilk SNC but with a soft, velvety feel and texture perfect for the North American lifestyle. Sunvas also provides a gentle and appealing luminosity.


Perfotex, in 9 colors, is spun-dyed acrylic with a special aluminum pigmentation to resist light, heat and weather. This permeable fabric is woven to leave it pleasantly transparent and reduce the possibility of damaging water troughs. Perfotex is coated with Teflon to resist dirt, grease, water and oil.

Sunsilk Perla FR, in 11 colors, is Sunsilk fabric with a special coating that renders it waterproof and fire retardant (meets European fire standard). Its matte white underside allows for a pleasant, light atmosphere in the evening. It is a desirable option for any waterproof awning, especially with pitched awnings, or horizontal awnings with guttering systems and gap cover profiles.

Sunvas Perla, in 14 colors, has all of the performance characteristics of Sunvas, but adds a transparent coating to make it waterproof and impervious to the effects of weather. Sunvas Perla offers exceptional UV protection, weather protection and beautiful look and feel.

Sunvas Transolair, in 15 colors, results from a special perforating technique that ensures transparency as well as light, air and wind permeability. Transolair has all the benefits of Sunvas fabric while maintaining desired views.

Vuscreen ALU, in 16 colors, uses a special weaving technique that allows transparency to maintain views and light, as well as air permeability. It maintains all of the performance characteristics, including UV protection, colorfastness and weatherproofing. It is Teflon coated for easy cleaning and has an aluminum pigmented finish for superior heat reduction.

Soltis 92, in 74 colors, is a woven polyester cloth with a PVC coating. It is micro-aerated to block heat and glare while maintaining exterior views and some natural light. It is ideal for use on canopies and window shade solutions.